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Capricorn the Big Mover coming for all signs

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Posted: December 18, 2007, 8:29 am - IP Logged


   The big moves coming up between the 19th and 22nd will be by big, bad, earthy Capricorn - the winner of all arguments!   On the 19th, Jupiter moves to Capricorn, where the planet of expansion will meet, head-on, the planet of contraction.  Never fear, depending upon your particular chart, this may be very beneficial to you.  Some people attain wealth greatly during this lineup.  Then, on the 21st to 22nd, both the Sun and Mercury move to Capricorn.  Oh boy.  The Goat is well known for planting his feet and holding things down. Some of the more fleeting types (like the Twins) will be feeling a little contrained and perhaps looking for ways to bust loose - please exercise due caution over the holidays for the obvious reasons.   This earth sign is stable (almost stoic) and prone to overruling everybody else, so control may be evident.  Jupiter transits each sign slowly (normally) so you might also want to do a look back on when this last happened -  I know 1996 was a good Jup/Cap year.

    Depending on your curiosity level, you may wish to check out you favorite search engine.

     On a personal note, while I am famously usually at loggerheads with Capricorns, there are some numbers I definitely associate with the sign.  During one big Cap move, I won big on series 5678 and, another, saw 888 come in various ways.   A number I particularly like is 7888.  We also have Mercury moving which is always a potential trigger for 718 combinations.  This time, I'm looking for some combination of 5718 and for DE to see 718 in the play-3.

        May this change bring you that you wish for during the holidays!  J

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    Posted: December 18, 2007, 9:57 am - IP Logged

    hey now Jake,

    that 5678 looks great! it is associated to trac form 1234, and i call that a common trac!  that trac is due in the PST through the 18th, and headed to the EST with a v24 n mind.  ur 7888 lives in v form 3444.  now that reversal trac is v33, which is sittin' in the EST right now. 

    this is a great read!  now i dreamed of 888's last night!  i never hardly dream of numbers. 

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      Posted: December 18, 2007, 10:25 am - IP Logged

      I agree with ducksafloat......."this is a great read!"   Thumbs UpThumbs Up