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help, need some help

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Posted: December 23, 2007, 5:16 pm - IP Logged

hi i need some help, i wonder if anyone can give me instructions on how to make columns. whenever i copy something in columns it come out as straight copy when i paste in excell.  attached is something i read from an old post and i can do this when i use a mircosoft word,  but at home on my window works xp i can't find the data to columns buttons. i have looked and looked but can't find it.    maybe i need to do something different. any assisance would be greatly appreaciated. thanks in advance 

If you cut the chart from here and paste in excel, you can easily  create columns.  after you paste, go to edit, find and put in =, then click replace and put in a -. You will know why in a minute...click replace all. after that, go to data, text to columns...choose delimited and click next. Then choose delimiter OTHER and in the box put a -.

click next and finish...now you have your sets of numbers in thier own columns.

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