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Is the Lottery rigged ? Read this ...

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Posted: February 2, 2008, 2:35 am - IP Logged

How State Lottery Jackpot is� rigged (1) was expained first in forums by Matt Marriott in November 2004.

BTW, how long do you think it lasted in Wikipedia before it was censored? (2)

Answer: Six minutes later, Ahoerstemeier, one of the many CIA handles in charge of preventing any of the end time hoaxes (3) from being exposed, censored it.

(1) Lottery for Dummies -� get the picture directly from google results, googling:

MattMarriott State Lottery Jackpot

(2) You can try yourself and see how long the simple truth lasts in Wikipedia, by adding these three lines:

[[Matt Marriott]] in 2004 published a series of articles claiming that the jackpot of all the nationwide lotteries in the US and EU (including Euromillions) are rigged, except for the El Gordo Lottery in Spain. The mechanism would consist in drawings supposed to be broadcasted live on TV but which are in fact the result of assembling a succession of cuts with one of the combinations which nobody picked up. At any moment it takes one second to retrieve from the database any or all such picks.

(3) What are those type of hoaxes? Answer:

Get the picture directly from google results, googling:

Matt Marriott end time hoaxes

I know for fact normal people can witness the Powerball drawing in person, because I have a few times.

Kinda  hard to cut and paste video when you see it with your own eyes..