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Maryland digits 4-6--6-4

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Posted: January 26, 2008, 1:18 pm - IP Logged

Well Maryland seems to be stuck on a pair 64 -46 had been in the last 5 draws. This almost confirms my belief if they use the same balls and machines for every draw that this could happen. repeat digits. Today midday the pairs split 6534

From what i understand they use a computer to select which balls and machines that will be used for each drawing could it be the computer is stuck or just coincidence that the same like digits keep popping up. I try very hard to come up with numbers for our drawings and well figuring they can't keep drawing the same digits every draw have made my plays omitting the 46 -64 digits. Way wrong move. So should we play 5964 and 5426 5406 4086 4646 6464 for the next couple days .


Sat, Jan 26, 20082-6-86-5-3-4
Fri, Jan 25, 20083-9-96-8-15-6-4-56-4-6-6
Thu, Jan 24, 20088-1-66-8-06-4-3-13-6-4-9

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