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Quik Pick's

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Posted: January 31, 2008, 10:50 pm - IP Logged

what do any of you think of the odds in the past 2 day's -----I usally buy a quik pick when i play my numbers and the number i had been playing is 239 but i usally wheel it for .50 cents and then depending on how they fall day to day i will then play it straight for a 1.00.anyway for the past 2 days at different locationswhen i have got my quik-pick it has been 923 strange huh?I have been watching the 39 combination it has been quite sometime since we have had that so that is one reason and the other reason is if you check past years in jan.you will see that 239 has hit almost every year in the last week and about 6 timeson the 30th or the31st .oh well just curious.DOES ANYONE FORSEE 239 ?   THANKS PEACHIE10Coffee