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Aquarius Aquarius Aquarius

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 9 years ago by AGF310.

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Posted: February 5, 2008, 10:13 am - IP Logged

      Sun Smiley

    Within 24 hours, this will be our Sun/Moon/Mercury line-up  -  The water bearer Aquarius, first of the Air Signs, with, of course, Mercury retrograde. 

   Also still predominantly figured is Capricorn.   A New Moon tomorrow, 02/07/08, with at least 1 other big astrological change as well.

   Aquarius is associated with 8's    Capricorn is associated with 8's.     4's are also in this mix.  I like 6's too. 

   Sometimes this energy cancels itself out.  Instead of a quad, you might see double/double like 6868 or triple in the 4-digit, as we are already seeing, like Delaware's 6662 (right after I finished saying to a GA friend that a hot number right now for DE is 6660).

   I'm getting strong 718 vibe which hopefully means DE will finally drop 187 although I know a few in GA who are watching for it as well, despite your recent 718.  There is always the potential for it to fall in the 4-digit.

   I do continue to see the triples - 111 (from BOAW), 333, 222, 444...  Forgive me my GA friends who are so triple challenged at the moment.

   Late yesterday, really strong 118 and 114 too.   118 was everywhere.

   Here are some look back dates for your state - remember to look at and up and down and look for trends..

   02/04/00   02/18/04    01/30/06   01/20/07   02/08/05   02/18/96

   Remember too that no 2 astrological dates are ever the same, although I'm infamous for looking back and seeing an exact number fall on an exact date and then having it fall the same current date. 

     May good fortune find you today. 

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    Posted: February 5, 2008, 8:30 pm - IP Logged

    J, love your post....thanks!!! Oh look....FL had 118 tonight!  Excellent call, indeed!Hurray!

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