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Neural Net Nightmare - creepy

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Posted: February 27, 2008, 2:14 pm - IP Logged

This nightmare I had last night has been on my mind all day that I just have to write about it.

   This yound guy, probably about 25 or so, and bald with blue-ish eyes comes into my house and I'm like who are you to come in here un-invited... get out now or I'll call the cops. Then he says, 'Your not gonna call anyone. Sit down now..in a calm deep voice'. So I sit..involuntarily and I dont know why. Then he says, I now have control over you and you will remain calm' Naturally, I get up in anger,with closed fists, and tell him to get the hell out. 'I'm gonna kick your ass!'  He says, 'Your not going to kick anyone's ass, you are going to smile now and be happy'..and then I smile and my closed fist opens and I smile and sit down. Then he show me what looks like some fine threaded netting and puts it over my head and arms and it starts submerging itself into my skin. I was like' whats happening ?!?... and he says there are nanobots on this webbing, called a neural net, that cut into your skin and place the netting below my skin. I said why are you doing this ?! .. He says ..'to have complete control over you' and 'your thoughts and actions are not your own anymore'. Then ..for some strange reason, I see my brother on the couch and hes just lying down unable to move and theres a tear runing down the side of his face, and I knew at that moment, he was under his control too and couldnt move or say or do anything..as if he was totally helpless. Well.. in a fit of rage, as the netting was sinking under my skin, I started pulling it out and there was blood coming from where the netting once was and the guy told me to stop or I'm going to hurt myself. But I was so angry, it seemed to have somehow blocked his controlling power over me. Then I punched him over and over within an inch of his life and he had to be taken away in an ambulance. I'm a very calm person, but in that dream, he crossed the line and I exploded on him. When the cops came to me for questioning, it seemed as though they weren't concerned and that everything was going to be ok as they smiled and then left. It appeared as though they were under his control too, or someone else. Very creepy and scary dream I'd have to admit. Almost seems like it could be made into a movie. I think I watched one too many horror movies. It was like a mix from 'Village of the Dammed' and 'The Serpent and the Rainbow' lol

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