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The Best Teacher is...

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Posted: February 28, 2008, 6:16 am - IP Logged

The Best Teacher is

(in this game) experience

And there's a new experience

everyday.A Fly has multiple

eyes,multiple perspectives

to aid him.

Polyphemus who was a Cyclops.
They were giants with a single eye in the middle of their forehead and a foul disposition. According to Hesiod, they were strong, stubborn, and "abrupt of emotion".
To make Polyphemus unwary, Odysseus gives him a skin of very strong, unwatered wine. When Polyphemus asks for Odysseus' name, he tells him that it is 'Outis',[5] Greek for 'no man' or 'nobody'. Once the giant falls asleep as a result of being drunk, Odysseus and his men take the spit from the fire and drive it through Polyphemus' only eye. Polyphemus' cries of help are answered by the others of his race; however, they turn away from aiding him when they hear that "Nobody" is the cause of his woes.