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How will you deal with your money if you shot at the jackpot

Topic closed. 25 replies. Last post 9 years ago by DC81.

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How will you use your money if you shot at the jackpot

save all money in bank [ 8 ]  [14.81%]
share money with relatives [ 16 ]  [29.63%]
by some BIG things right now [ 9 ]  [16.67%]
donate some money to others [ 7 ]  [12.96%]
hide money in your basement :-) [ 4 ]  [7.41%]
buy stocks [ 6 ]  [11.11%]
build factories [ 4 ]  [7.41%]
Total Valid Votes [ 54 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 4 ]  
sweetbitterkiss's avatar - hello
United States
Member #59499
March 17, 2008
54 Posts
Posted: March 25, 2008, 11:14 am - IP Logged

i will buy a house i live with my parents so house car and clothes and shoes omg i will go wild

one day my life will be complete ^_^

    United States
    Member #58528
    February 18, 2008
    710 Posts
    Posted: March 25, 2008, 11:39 am - IP Logged

    I love to travel,so I would buy a motorhome and disapear for a couple of years.The motorhome would come with a garage (to haul ATV'S & other toys),but I would'nt haul toys.I would would fill the garage with blankets and toiletries and stuff that people need after a natural disaster.I would travel to areas that have recently experienced a natural disaster,like the floods in the midwest last week,and hand out this stuff to the needy.

      CaliWinner's avatar - aeonflux
      New Member
      Orange County, CA
      United States
      Member #59371
      March 14, 2008
      28 Posts
      Posted: March 25, 2008, 12:31 pm - IP Logged

      - I would pay off all our siblings' debts (and with 8 siblings on my side, and two on my hubbie's side, that's a lot of siblings!)

      - I would pay off OUR debt (student loans, mostly. One car loan, too).

      - I'd probably buy a new house, since our current house is sort of in the ghetto.

      - Then we'd invest the rest, and live on the interest. Depending on the size of the jackpot, and how much yearly income we received, I would probably continue to send money to our siblings and parents, give some to charity, and use the rest for ourselves to:

          - travel

          - get a personal chef

          - buy myself a new car, since mine is 11 years old

          - buy my husband a very souped up computer

          - and get a lot of books to read :) 

      Beyond that, our desires our fairly simple. I honestly can't think of anything I want beyond the above...

      Not a winner yet. But I will be!

        rubberbandman's avatar - Spawn Classic.jpg
        United States
        Member #59040
        March 4, 2008
        276 Posts
        Posted: March 25, 2008, 5:22 pm - IP Logged

        uh-uh you guys are lying, you know you are not going to do this family stuff, you're probably going to give them some money then leave and cease constant communication and continue your personal business.

          tiggs95's avatar - Lottery-036.jpg

          United States
          Member #47420
          November 4, 2006
          3930 Posts
          Posted: March 25, 2008, 5:27 pm - IP Logged

          rubberbandman you are so right..I'm going to be simple and stash all the money in the bank and sit outside the bank and tell everyone :"Welcome to my new bank"..:)

            psykomo's avatar - animal shark.jpg

            United States
            Member #4877
            May 30, 2004
            5121 Posts
            Posted: March 29, 2008, 7:55 pm - IP Logged

            PSYKOMO will REFUSE to VOTE in UR STUPID POLE!!!!!

            WHAT are those PEOPLE and WHERE do U cum FROM??(grow UP 0!o)

            IF U have an education>>>>>great>>>>>>if U don't>>>>great>>


            PSYKOMO will perdict the PERSON U vote for >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

            FOR>>>>>>PRESIDENT of the US of A >>>>>

            won't<<<<<<"B" elected!!!!!!


            SORRY about this and SORRY about the ABOVE POST^^^^^^^^^

            PSYKO just voted in the POLL to buy some BIG thing$$$$$$$$$$$$

            BUT and yes all U >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lottery Post poster's KNOW

            there is alway's a ........a BUTT out there SOMEWHERE>>>>>>>>>

            BUT PSYKO would like to $HARE something with his LP FRIEND's ???

            BUT PSYKO does not seem to have any LP FRIEND's <<<<<<<< ???



              Uff Da!'s avatar - InCelebration 001.jpg
              Washington State
              United States
              Member #33973
              February 26, 2006
              347 Posts
              Posted: March 29, 2008, 8:22 pm - IP Logged

              rubberbandman - I see that you still can't quite comprehend the fact that others do not necessarily think the same way you do.

                psykomo's avatar - animal shark.jpg

                United States
                Member #4877
                May 30, 2004
                5121 Posts
                Posted: April 1, 2008, 6:29 pm - IP Logged

                In addition to ME buying some "BIG THING'S">>

                I am SURE my sun spot baby would >>>> B back home asking ME

                to RECHARGE the AMERICAN EXPRE$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



                  Sunny California
                  United States
                  Member #40295
                  May 31, 2006
                  7712 Posts
                  Posted: April 2, 2008, 3:30 pm - IP Logged

                  I'll let you know as soon as I win. Crazy

                    United States
                    Member #51040
                    March 25, 2007
                    457 Posts
                    Posted: April 2, 2008, 4:14 pm - IP Logged

                    I would buy a mcdonalds then hire my family to work there. hehehe, just playin

                      DC81's avatar - batman39
                      United States
                      Member #54830
                      August 31, 2007
                      985 Posts
                      Posted: April 2, 2008, 11:21 pm - IP Logged

                      Well, after winning and taking the "proper steps" in claiming it, I'd work on reducing the tax burden as much as possible and also get away from the US dollar as much as I can. I could see myself spending a million or so in the first year moving out of the state and settling into a new location, property would still be under the name of belong to the trust (which I'd prefer to not have based in Michigan if it matters) if I can do it. It would also depend on how much I won, for the sake of it let's use the last MM jackpot for this...


                      I wouldn't buy something like a million dollar home or anything like that as certain other winners did, seeing as it'd only be me so I wouldn't need some huge multimillion dollar home, just a place just big enough for myself and large enough to fulfill my "needs", well admittedly I probably wouldn't keep it too simple. Nice low crime neighborhood, maybe a good gated community, a two story, three or four bedroom home with a basement and probably a nice indoor/outdoor pool, a three or four car garage perhaps. Each room would have a use and purpose, well aside from the guest bedrooms so it wouldn't be like there are empty rooms going to waste. I might go a little nuts with the entertainment/electronics/computer hardware but that's what I have an interest in and I'd still not not go do something really crazy like have a full entertainment center in every room. No 100,000 dollar cars or anything like that, but I might two or three vehicles, each would be serving a purpose, a regular everyday car with really good gas mileage, a nice sports car for uhhhh special occasions but again not a 100,000 dollar sports car and a large vehicle, either a large pick up or SUV, a hybrid version if possible, for if I need to either transport something that won't fit or can't be towed by a car or if for some reason I need the room for transporting a small group of people.


                      Oh and I've thought about it and aside from helping out my mother and grandmother (maybe a small home for each, both under name of the trust also and an yearly $10,000 gift or whatever just below where gift taxes would need to be paid) I figured I'd probably help a cousin who is apparently going to law school, I'd help pay tuition, should be good for a small deduction, heh. Of course then a couple years later I'll discover that my "people" who I work with managing the trust and my fortune have been cheating me and have left me royally screwed and then I'll fall into poverty when everything I have is repossessed and I'm left penniless and living on the streets where I'll be selling fruit. *SIGH* I guess I can still dream...Bed

                      You can't predict random.