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Lost Friend Hot wings

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Posted: March 10, 2008, 9:51 am - IP Logged

I need help with this dream.

I was speaking with a friend who, in reality I lost touch with and we are no longer friends.  Anyway  in this dream we met up, I told her That I no longer have a job.  She reached in her purse and gave me a receipt for something that I could cash in to get the money.  The amount was $8888.  I couldnt belive it but we hung out in a mall afterwards looking for the store.  Then I was looking for my husband for a ride home but he had already gone.  It skipped back to my friend and her family in an elevator they were eating hot wings.  I missed the elevator  but  I caught the second one.  The buttons had only 4 floors but they were  floors 1,2 3, and 5.  They left a trail of buffalo hot wing juice all over the carpet but I never caught up to them.

Oh Also in the dream I was mad at my husbands friend for getting him to climb up one of the rock climbing walls.  I screamed to him that my husband was out of shape and 45 years old. 

The problem with these numbers in my dream is that WE DONT HAVE A PICK 4. Can someone please tell me what the rest of this means?