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The Fire of Aries continues -- 9s, 1s and more

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Posted: April 5, 2008, 3:34 am - IP Logged

  One of those line ups that will either burn itself up with energy or drop fantastic numbers or maybe both.

      We have Aries - Aries - Aries for a very brief and fleeting window -  and then for just the blink of an eye, Venus slides through Aries giving us a quadruple Fire line up  Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus.

       Where to go with this?   First, a side note - watch out for unchecked, unprovoked aggressiveness out of people you would not expect it from.  Sometimes, stuff like road rage swings way up in incidence but I think this will hit closer to home.  If it does, it will build and then explode - much caution!

      Now the numbers.  The window is tiny.  Energy this hot typically burns up quick.  The 1's dropped for Okie but will they sustain further?   My BOAW says yes but a little tweaky so maybe it'll be in the 4-digit that we will see 111.  Don't be surprised if 999 shows and the flip 666.  Might be a 911, 1199 time.  868 nagging and really odd 0026 thing going on along with 876.

     I'd like to see Georgia's 7177 come back again and continued double/doubles - Have you noticed the 4040?  This is a personal dragonfly number and it just keeps flitting in here and there, dropping, stopping, dropping.... just like the DFs getting ready to emerge for spring - can't wait.  Sun Smiley