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how to use vtrac?

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 9 years ago by tntea.

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Posted: April 12, 2008, 7:13 pm - IP Logged

Hi, I am new to this whole lottory game experience, along with this community.

I browsed around and discovered the vtrac system for pick 3. This is my current favorite game, I've won $200 last week with box.

Would like a clear detail on how to apply vtrac, because I've read the manual but still have no clue. If someone can help me with this, I appreciate it.




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    Posted: April 12, 2008, 8:25 pm - IP Logged

    There are different ways people use the vtracs when making decisions on what to play next.


    Missing vtracs,

    Double vtracs,



    Double vtracs appear to repeat within a couple days.   Using vtracs along with other methods can help you narrow down your numbers to an affordable amount to play.


    Watching your state along with a state that closely mirrors your state will help with which string of vtracs to use.


    Todd has a vtrac result page which gives you the daily vtracs.  It is a great tool.   I am not sure how far back a standard member can view.


    Lessons that provided a few years back are listed in my blog.  Will need to search the November issues to find it.  Good luck on your venture. More happy wins to you.

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