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So Sorry My GA Friends - Major BooBoo

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Posted: April 18, 2008, 7:40 am - IP Logged

  As is often the case, my lottery time is severely affected by work and other factors typically in a negative fashion.  From Thurs-Sun midnight, I work a minimum of 40 and typically more; I consider this my "weekend."  This time, my weekend started on Weds, so I spent even less time. 

   I know, excuses, excuses. 

   I did a look back at GETs (from yesterday's post) by checking out DE Lottery for a date in 1995 - the very first number of the very first day of the trine was 323.

   There's more, but it's now history and I won't reiterate.

    I've got to put more time into this so I can retire soon.  Happy to be working (every day since I was 15) but still very, very tired.  I'll keep trying my friends, I promise.   Really, I do....Crazy