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April 5, 2008
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Posted: April 24, 2008, 12:54 pm - IP Logged

i dreamed that i was in a big store that i owned i had my best friend, my mom and my sister as managers. I had other employees working for me, The store was stocked out with clothing and plenty office furntures. It also had exspensive flowers and chairs. Some of my employees did not want to listen to my commands, i explained to them that where i was working before i become successful and saved my money and become rich that, i was only making $150.00 per week on my last job. i told her that she is making more money that i use to make at my old job. Business was good i helped my employees to have a sale in the store because couple of shirts  did not sell from last season. I organized a sale so that we can get more customers to buy the clothing. Every thing in the store was going good every day i was recieving new office furnitures and flowers every day for the store and i was happy but still waiting for more stock to come for the store because i was still organizing it and it was a new store.

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    Posted: April 25, 2008, 6:18 am - IP Logged

    store (FL 034) (NY 403)



    furniture 197 086



    sister 226 285 (NY 158) ( Fla,ILL Tx 662)



    mother 048 302 425 (NY NJ 576 542 435 0490) (NY 087)



    clothing 412 804 024 (IL 642) (Ny 083 9383)