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CA evening players

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Posted: April 30, 2008, 2:59 pm - IP Logged


these are the last draws of ca eve


CA (E)6 6 829-apr-08
CA (E)9  0 628-apr-08
CA (E)7  1 027-apr-08
CA (E)9 726-apr-08
CA (E)6 025-apr-08
CA (E)0  9 024-apr-08
CA (E)9 023-apr-08
CA (E)4  2 222-apr-08
CA (E)1  7 621-apr-08
CA (E)9  7 620-apr-08
CA (E)6 219-apr-08

Hottest digits are:

0: 6 hits
6: 7 hits
9: 5 hits

The boxed pair 69 has had these skips: 2  8  29  113
It might need to do some catching up to get back to its average skip.

Interesting to know is that the straight pair 69 is out for 173 draws...
This makes it somewhat due...

Also keep a close eye on boxed pair 08!!!

cheers & good luck


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