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January 25, 2008
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Posted: May 4, 2008, 5:00 pm - IP Logged

ARIES -during this bi-weekly cycle do not be a big spender, for anybody or on anything  -241-388-5980-4326

TAURUS -this period it is important that you watch yourdiet take all precaution against overindulgence  -037-350-0204

GEMINE - keep this bi-weekly cycle quiet ,and dont become rebellious about a restriction on some activity - 314-321-0511-4011

CANCER - at this time routine accomplishments will take as much effort as you have strength for - 159-265-2449-7236

LEO -during this bi-weekly cycle you shoild find something relaxing to do at night ,break the routine - 583-222-0910-8329

VIRGO - this period you will get credit for the things you do ,your place is in the spotlight  - 475-421-3140-9258

LIBRA-  during this period it is important that you be graceful about praises you will receive ,dont be boastful - 099-431-0550-7256

SCORPIO - youll need patience in dealing withl oved ones ,try to be understanding -903-541-4304-7172

SAGITTARIUS - this bi-weekly you may have a tendency to put too much stress on financial affairs - 902-304-7140-4043

CAPRICORN- follow your routine at home ,but arrange to get out as early as possible in the evenings - 279-511-1312-8120

AQUARIUS - you can have a really good time with one you admire and would like to havea romance with - 239-020- 4113-8274

PISCES -clear your mind in relation to your wants, do not expect cooperation if you dont know whats you want - 712-204-1190-7840