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need number and need someone out ther to tell me what it means

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Posted: May 6, 2008, 6:40 am - IP Logged

my dream this morning

i was dreaming that me and my husband went to my grandmothers that has pass along time she live at   376 south 4 street but in the dream i went to pick up   her papers but when we went inside there was a black man sitting in the kitchen but i didnt say anything to him then i walk to the bathroom but some one was sleeping inside the bathtub but could not see who it was then i walk to the room i know some one was there to ,then i went back to the kitchen to ask him for my grandmothers papers because my grandmother pass  so he gave them to me and i stared crying in the dream but at the same time i went outside with my husband beccause we had a misunderstanding so when i was going to live him he came to me and made up but there was a car with 3 women but one of them wink her eye at my husband and i said no she didnt so i told her we going to fight so we stared to fight and when i put on the floor i stared to punch her alot of times in her face then my husband stop it ,then my son cliff came to tell me that his uncle was sending him to a program it was night time so me and my son went to buy coffe then his uncle came back telling my son that the train was coming his uncle name is david .and my grandmothers nami is petra acevedo can you tell me what this dream is  is telling me