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Total solar eclipse coming

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May 7, 2008
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Posted: May 7, 2008, 7:49 pm - IP Logged

Sun will go dark -August 1, is opposite  May 29

my problem is always I never plan ahead- think ahead-

There is time to think about the Sun  - (maybe 6 9 for sun? what
numbers for Sun?  Class 5 star in google.

   sun more important than moon?  Sun like God-

Total eclipse happened last time on my birthday 3-29 2006!  (not sure
of year, must check to be sure 2006

Solar eclipse said to be bad, dangerous- in astrology they warn people
to be careful...

August is connected to May,   so  late May  will be connected to Solar
eclipse  (8/1)= (5/29

   Remember- the moon eclipse gave numbers  19 12  and clue to Good
(most important
Christian Holiday)    Moon and sun in relationship---

Eclipse means light /dark    death/rebirth-- Phoenix!  19 12  (but
should study about Sun- maybe different than moon)

   Phoenix numbers  19 12   but my mom got poster of  18 46   when
Prescott (my sisters town in Arizona)
was created-

  18-46!  (same numbers on back of cross my father gave me on Easter
many years ago....)

numbers  24  -  43   or  42  34   I see for dark and light, sun and
(a license plate with picture of sun and moon and numbers 24 43 I saw,
very strange-)

43  24 I see together now....

(I have sequence 6 9 11 24 34  license plate of rich Korean friend of
my mom - keep thinking they will come,
for two or three years- they never come, seem like easy numbers- but
they never come!)  24-34?

  Also Whitsunday-  50 days after easter- is next sunday-  5-11

Whitsunday is said to be as important as Easter in Christian church!

(look at friday before whitsunday therefore also   5-9  (opposite 8-21)

Whitsunday same day as mothers day.  Whitsunday also called Pentecost-
when fire came down
on apostles and they spoke in tongues--

Watch date of 7,   (march was all 7's fridays I noticed-  so 7 very
evil--- good friday on 7

All megamillions numbers have been hitting on a Friday  (2/22   3/21
  both Fridays

   18  46  24  43  watch for...

    Watch weekend  5/9 - 11..........  watch any date with 7 -  14, 21,
Watch last weekend of May for Solar eclipse  numbers!