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No Back-To-Back number repeat since...? Yes, since when?

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Posted: May 8, 2008, 5:13 pm - IP Logged


the following doesn't happen too often!

It has been 29 draws since a number returned the next draw (boxed or same positions), in any state.
(example: in State X 418 fell on wednesday, and on thursday 184 came in in State X)


"29 draws", you say, "what's so amazing about that?"!

Well, since there are 57 pick3 states, and we think outside the box, then a back-to-back return is out for (57 X 29) = 1653 draws!
I don't have mathematical statistics on this, but the real-time (statistics pulled on draws in all states) average (all states taken together) is that a back-to-back happens once every 172 draws.
Which means that a back-to-back is overdue, it is 9.61 times due to be precise.

Here's the list of the current skips of a back-to-back for each state seperatly
Make your pick...


ID (E)773
VA (M)736
MO (M)645
MD (M)564
AZ (E)549
WI (E)336
MN (E)293
Tri State (M)292
MI (E)256
TN (E)238
PA (E)232
KS (E)232
WV (E)225
NJ (M)216
SC (M)216
VA (E)209
NJ (E)205
KY (E)193
CA (E)191
IN (M)189
LA (E)188
PA (M)172
TX (E)164
Tri State (E)161
WA (E)159
GA (E)156
DC (M)150
GA (M)130
DE (M)126
TX (M)110
MD (E)105
DC (E)100
NE (E)98
CA (M)98
IN (E)88
CT (M)88
SC (E)75
NM (E)73
OH (M)71
Ontario (E)71
OK (E)67
DE (E)67
CT (E)56
FL (E)55
OH (E)54
NY (E)51
WC (E)49
NY (M)48
IL (M)40
NC (E)34
QC (E)34
MI (M)33
IL (E)33
NC (M)33
KY (M)32
MO (E)30
TN (M)29




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