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The Most important Lottery Statistics

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Posted: May 22, 2008, 4:51 am - IP Logged

The most important statistic/filter is the one you are most likely to
get right with the least consequence when wrong. That would be
no adjacent numbers followed by no repeat numbers.

25% of the time both correct.

The 3, 1 in 3 choices . . .

correct 1 in 8 tries
With above, right about 1 in 32 tries, though the 1in3 filters generally
have a larger percentage orbited by two lower percentage figures.

From this point forward it is safer to eliminate less likely combinations
such as the all odd, all even, all low, all high, short length of line, low
and high sums.  BobP

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    Posted: May 26, 2008, 10:24 am - IP Logged

    When we talk about filters I assume we're talking about starting with
    all the combinations so we know the 5# winning combination without
    the PowerBall is in there.

    In that case the repeats for the last 283 draws were
    54.8% for none
    36.5% for one
    7.9% for two
    0.7% for three

    Games like 6/49 are generally around 45% for none, though it is still
    a very good number.

    The best filters are those that offer roughly a 1in2 or 1in3 chance
    of getting it right more often then not.  Powerball Pick-5 portion . . .

    Adjacent or Neighboring numbers. ie: 10-11 are adjacent. 

    67.5% none
    28.7% one

    Last Digit. ie: 02-22-32-42-52 have the same last digit.

    36.1% none
    49.8% one
    8.8% two

    First Digit. ie: Decades 20-21-23-26-29 have the same first digit.

    6.57% none
    46.4% one
    25.8% two
    15.5% two and two

    Sum of the Digits in the numbers (35=3+5=8) that matchs . . .

    30.8% none
    51.6% two
    10.8% three


    Wink great stats... Thanks

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