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Tenaj, Where Are You??

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 9 years ago by Tenaj.

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Posted: May 26, 2008, 2:08 pm - IP Logged

Tenaj, Where Are You?  Miss you & your lead number workouts. 

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    Posted: May 29, 2008, 9:43 am - IP Logged

    Tenaj, Where Are You?  Miss you & your lead number workouts. 

    Been out of town for the last 4 days.  Even though the lead number workout is posted on my site the menu is not working very well. I have a programmer doing some upgrades and changes.

    But the Lead Number this week is 073 and the V-trac  is 134 using Lottery Math.  The performance since Friday 23th is listed below.

    Lead Number 073
    134, 689, 865, 310, 023, 028, 073, 078,
     523, 528, 573, 578, 976, 971, 926,
    921, 476, 471, 426, 421
    05/28/2008AZ (E)291 
    05/28/2008CT (E) 471
    05/28/2008GA (E)031 
    05/28/2008GA (M)629 
    05/28/2008LA (E)719 
    05/28/2008OH (E)082 
    05/28/2008QC (E)462 
    05/27/2008DC (E)413 
    05/27/2008FL (E)917 
    05/27/2008GA (E)624 
    05/27/2008NE (E) 028
    05/27/2008NY (E)307 
    05/27/2008Tri State (M)142 
    05/27/2008VA (E)758 
    05/26/2008GA (M)258 
    05/26/2008KS (E)142 
    05/26/2008MI (M)413 
    05/26/2008MO (E)357 
    05/26/2008NM (E)314 
    05/26/2008TN (M)869 
    05/26/2008Tri State (E)174 
    05/25/2008GA (E)325 
    05/25/2008ID (E)537 
    05/25/2008MI (E)280 
    05/25/2008MI (M)764 
    05/25/2008NJ (E)296 
    05/25/2008NJ (M) 471
    05/24/2008NC (M)301 
    05/24/2008NE (E)698 
    05/24/2008NJ (M)174 
    05/24/2008Ontario (E)291 
    05/24/2008PA (E)719 
    05/24/2008WA (E)532 
    05/24/2008WV (E)197 
    05/23/2008CA (M) 426
    05/23/2008DE (E) 073
    05/23/2008IL (E)674 
    05/23/2008KY (E)968 
    05/23/2008MD (M)103 
    05/23/2008MN (E)875 
    05/23/2008NM (E)462 
    05/23/2008Ontario (E) 528
    05/23/2008WC (E)264 
    05/23/2008WI (E)624