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master key

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Posted: June 9, 2008, 10:10 am - IP Logged
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after hard study and long hours of careful research the author has come to the conclusion that dreams have a strong and pronounced tendency to swing to certain groups or zones of numerals. with that in mind the author has worked out an understandable and very simple chart to guide you in figuring out your dreams and finding the correct zone in which they appear according to the ancient science numerology.

for instance. if you dream begins with an  a- as in dreaming of anna. then your numerals would come in zone 1.

should you dream of seeing a snake. your numerals would come in zone 7. you simply use the first in your outstanding dream word as a key to your prespective zone.

zone no. 1-a-c-d- 901-208-712-703-604-541

zone no. 2-e-g-b-821-920-731-641-740

zone no. 3-f-h-j-326-830-605-930-192-840

zone no. 4-i-k-l-831-732-543-714-624

zone no. 5-m-q-p-561-940-841-238-085

zone no. 6-n-o-t-724-643-913-905-581

zone no. 7-s-u-v-680-716-293-743-914

zone no. 8-r-y-w-906-807-492-843-951

zone no. 9-z-x-816-762-654-852

simplified astro-numerology;

as so many people are seeking a method of finding their lucky number and lucky days. i have explored  the ancient mystics and found a system that you can used. by adhering to this system and then making use of your number after you found it. you can bring luck to yourself even beyond your expectation.

each letter in the alphabet has a corresponding number by means of which one can easily reduce a name or dream to a number.

1    2    3   4    5   6   7   8  9

a    b    c    d    e   f    g   h  i

j    k     l     m   n   o    p  q  r

s   t     u     v    w  x   y   z

lets us use the name charles taylor.

c   h   a   r   l   e   s

3   8   1   9  3  5  1 =30

t   a    y   l   o  r

2  1   7   3   6  9 = 28

the name charles reduce to 30

the name taylor reduce to 28

now combine those : 30+28=58

now we reduces this number to a single digit by combining the

5+8=13 and continuing 1+3=4  so your number is 134 for charles taylor.

now say charles taylor was born july 2. 1916. this becomes 7+2+1+9+1+6=26 combining as we have 2+6=8 so his date birth is 268.

example: dream of a cow

c   o  w

3   6  5 = 14     1+ 4= 5    number 145

this a great system let me know what you thinkParty

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    Posted: June 9, 2008, 10:13 am - IP Logged

    You already posted this here http://www.lotterypost.com/thread/176312


    try and keep one thread