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Why i haven't quit on Powerball & why you shouldnt either

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: June 15, 2008, 4:21 am - IP Logged

Why i haven't quit on MegaMillions and Powerball...Because when i feel down sometimes and i feel whether i will ever beat the game i think of the following....

You know i compare it with finding the cure for a famous disease, like Cancer or Aids or for that matter any disease...Let's put the example of Aids...

Many people have tried to win Powerball in the fast and have not succeeded...Samething with Aids, many scientist have tried to find the cure for Aids and have not suceeded...But please don't compare Aids with Powerball because Aids i believe is much harder than Powerball...But you could compare trying to win Powerball or trying to win powerball repeatedly is like trying to find the cure for Aids...

So why will i quit on trying to find the cure humanity's ailment why will i give up on humanity's calamity....Why will i give up....

Is interesting because i am the kind of person that will really like to find the cure to a known disease or my favorite find the eternal fountain of youth..But i first have to win the lottery first so that i can pay my college loans and be able to go back to college and finish college....And because i was borned and raised in a different country, i need to take courses in small classroom...If i could win 1 million dollars, i could do all this....I play around what i'll do if i win big, but honestly from my heart i'll like to go back to school and become a researcher to see if i can really find the cure to some known disease....

That's why i haven't given up on Powerball, Win for Life or any other lottery...I sometimes get down and feel whether i will ever win Powerball, and i also get mad at the government for not having like a system to pay people's debt if they are in college or want to study something important...This just teaches us all a lesson, i know there are guys who graduate from my same major who if they were chasing Powerball, will have quit by now....

So i think of myself why will i quit on trying to find the cure to a world disease, by quiting Powerball symbolically of course...Why will i quit on trying to find the cure to something that will help so many people...

Want to know something interesting? Have you ever look at a Keno or lottery playslip..Well have you ever looked at genes identification sheet or genome identification sheet , they almost look alike...Something many people haven't thought of...

Here is an example of a Gene identification sheet:


except that this one is in color, most of them are in black & transparent (color of sheet)....

This is what i think about when i think of Powerball and that's why i haven't quit and so shouldn't you....

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    June 30, 2004
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    Posted: June 15, 2008, 11:22 am - IP Logged

    I believe the government should spend a little time and effort to cure "Laziness" instead of spending money to "enable it".


    I am so tired of seeing abled bodied people come in the shop and tell me they draw a check and then see someone with a handicap out trying to make a living.


    The Cure for Laziness could not be that hard.  I am willing to bet that the people here on LP could put together a workable plan that saved the government money.


    One idea that came to mind is to  have community service for those drawing a check.

    They would show up every day as if they were going to work and do something for the community. They spend 5-6 hours doing this every day.

    Those who could work and make more would decide to quit drawing their checks and start making a living.

    All ideas welcome.  I know this is pumpi post.  The money saved could help those find cures for more important things.

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