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Just an observation

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January 3, 2006
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Posted: June 18, 2008, 4:32 pm - IP Logged

Thanks for the info. & explanations. It does seem to get some hits in Tx. (I back-tested it a few times). I also used to create either a 5 or 6-no.'d wheel out of the last 3 draws--a variation of TTT, I guess. That gets some hits, too. I'm going to watch it live for a few dwgs to see how I do.

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    Posted: June 18, 2008, 4:48 pm - IP Logged

    Arrrrrrrgh!!! right out of my upcoming book, you guys are going to leave
    me with nothing. 

    Tic Tac Dough

    This simple system uses the previous three drawings to
    create eight numbers for the next draw.

    Simply write out the last three draws . . .

    Example from Florida:

    04/07/2008 = 2-0-3
    04/08/2008 = 5-3-8
    04/09/2008 = 9-6-9

    Play = 2-5-9 0-3-6 3-8-9 2-0-3 5-3-8 9-6-9 2-3-9 3-3-9

    04/10/2008 = 3-8-5 across win

    Played down, across and criss cross, this method picks
    up repeats as well as repeats that skip a draw along
    with picking up fresh wins.

    Example from Florida:

    04/21/2008 = 6-2-4
    04/22/2008 = 0-6-1
    04/23/2008 = 9-6-0

    04/24-2008 = 4-6-9 upper right to lower left cross.

    Fans of this method may also include inner and outer

    Not that any of this stuff is really a secret, not here at least. BobP

    Most of the time the most recent draws when put together will contain a present day hit.

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      Posted: June 19, 2008, 4:26 am - IP Logged

      Thanks everyone for the feedback. This system works, trust me. It's great to hear the responses from everyone, and I think it would be helpful for others here to hear from people who would have  or did win today/tonight using this system. It's so simple, yet so effective.

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        April 15, 2007
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        Posted: June 19, 2008, 5:13 pm - IP Logged

        Based on a previous post here by another member, I went back and looked through my states history to verify some facts. Based on these observations, it is amazing to me how many times the winning number can be found by doing a TTT of the previous 3 draws.....For Example:

        Oklahoma draws:

        06/10/08:  331

        06/11/08:  931

        06/12/08:  694

        Winning number for 06/13/08 was 631. See how it can be found in the previous TTT? Sometimes it's not quite this visible, but it's amazing to me how many times this is the case!!

        This is the system i used to win with, last year in Canada, but it doesn't work every week...it would be too easy. But it works, the more i won was 400$ , if i remember.