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recycle ticket talk

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 9 years ago by rcbbuckeye.

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Posted: July 7, 2008, 7:58 pm - IP Logged

After seeing the post of the gentlemen from Canada hitting the jackpot, I've decided to have a whak at it.  Sitting here at my desk I see $5.00 worth of singles I forgot to throw away.  Wa Lotto tickets that is so I'm going to play them tonight and see what kind of luck I have.


I'm sure its been asked before, but anyone else have luck on recycled tickets?  I haden't played everytime because I could only purchase when I had the extra money on hand.  I've seen stories of people playing the same numbers for years and they finally came up. Did it mention how long? I guess I'll go back and read it again. I say thats some good luck if you just replayed some numbers from not too long ago.  Something made him do that.


I had a brain "fart" as my husband calls it.  I was thinking about "chasing" the lottery.  How I buy qp's hoping to hit the big one....or anything else more than $7.00.  Then I started playing with the idea of letting the lottery chase me for awhile.  This may sound sooooooooo stupid, but it makes sense to me cuz Crazy I'M NUTZ-OCrazy but try and follow what I'm saying.


When you get lost in the woods and need to be found.....what do they say to do?...................stay in one place so "they" can find YOU.  The more you wonder and search, the more lost you get. I compared that with buying qp's over and over again getting different combo's.  Ya, you can wonder (qp's) and with luck on your side run into one of your rescuers (large amount or even JP) but maybe you can be found faster if you stay put?  So I began to picture staying in one place, and letting the lottery find me.  Because I'm kinda tired of wondering..LOL.  I will still play my qp's. But I think I'm going to try out that idea and play at least 1 set of numbers over and over again.  If I could afford to play every time, I would.  But unfortunately I have to pick and choose based on $jackpot$ amount. Thats the only way I can keep myself from having a bucket FULL of losers, and a wallet thats pretty empty.  Wa Lotto is up bigger than usual...7.9M thats why I'm playing. Hit5 when it reaches 300,000..and MM when it hits $50M.


LOL...Please be kind to me......I have low self-esteem. LOL

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    Posted: July 7, 2008, 10:23 pm - IP Logged

    It has never occured to me to played recycled tics. It's an interesting idea. I usually play the same numbers, or maybe slight variations, and sometimes I'll play a QP with them. Sometimes instead of a QP, I'll pick one set of numbers randomly.

    Really, if you look at the odds of any particular game, even the Cash 5 or Fantasy 5, or whatever with odds of less than 500,000 to 1, it's still a matter of luck if you hit. I only pick my numbers because it gives me the illusion that I have a better chance to hit, and I don't like the weird QP's that you get sometimes.