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Gap Strategy TX C5/37 071708

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Posted: July 17, 2008, 4:20 pm - IP Logged

Gap Strategy

Texas Cash 5/37 - 071708

Workout: Alphanumberic Substitution structure 'BCD' and
Gap Strategy workout #NR V2

12 number Wheel:

5 sets using LS2004 wheeler

Some background. Alphanumeric substitution structures are alphabetical sequences
generated by lottery numbers. That is, lottery numbers 1-9 are represented
by'A', lottery numbers 10-19 by letter 'B', lottery numbers 20-29 by a
"C" and numbers 30-37 by letter D.

So, instead of dealing with 435,987 numerical combinations, I only have to
keep track of a much smaller number of alphabetical sequences. These are
then converted back to numbers to play after several analytical processes
are applied.

The winning TX 5/37 combination on 0716 was The AS is AAACD. The
structure is ACD.

By converting winning numbers to alphabetical sequences, and keeping
a running log, one can form structures that aid the guesswork. For example,
in a pick 5/30+ game, there are 4 one-letter structures, 9 two-letter structures, 4 three-letter
structures and 1 four letter structure.

I use the 3 letter structures, ABC, ABD, ACD and BCD to build possible
combinations to play using the gap strategy.

My log shows ABD has come up 9 times during the round that I'm
using. It has been out 21 drawings. However, BCD has come up 19 times
and has been out 7 drawings. The structure, ABC has come up 11 times
and has been out 5 dawings. Structure ACD, which has
come up 18 times, came up on 0716.

The 4-letter structure ABCD has come up 32 times and has been out
for two drawings.

I use the 3-letter structures to obtain 12 numbers, 4 in each letter
category. In other words, I want a wheel with 4 teens, 4 twenty's and
4 thirty's, as can be seen above.

If I use ABCD, my choices would be limited to 3 As, 3Bs, 3Cs and 3Ds.
True, I could add numbers to the wheel, but then I would have to
play more than 5 sets, which is outside my budget.

Explaining how gap strategy was used to generate the 12 numbers
would require more time and energy than I have. Besides, as far
as I know, I'm the only person using gaps and corresponding
data streams, inventories, etc, to help me choose which numbers
to play.

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    Posted: July 17, 2008, 10:32 pm - IP Logged

    TEXAS TONIGHT  4-17-18-27-30   3-6-17-18-30   3-6-9-24-30