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Don't you wish to know what Todd look like...LP Photo Album..

Topic closed. 46 replies. Last post 8 years ago by pacattack05.

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May 31, 2000
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Posted: July 27, 2008, 4:38 pm - IP Logged

Oh my gosh -- the return of LosingJeff!

Howhave you been?  We've missed your posts around here, especially with the recent Indiana news.

Glad to see you posting again, I hope you stay awhile!


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    June 22, 2005
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    Posted: July 27, 2008, 10:56 pm - IP Logged

    Wake up people!!!!  Everyone knows that miserable losing Jeff has Todd beat hands down. Just look at that face to the left.  Thats the face of a happy loser from Indiana.  How has everyone been?

    Welcome back!

    Man did I miss cracking up so hard when you would gripe about how corrupt Indiana is. You definitely made my day at times....lol

    I actually thought your absence was due to luck turned your way and you hit the JP.

    But then again....I said to myself....NAH!...He would have been back to the LP so quick after a hit just to rub it in Indiana's face on the LP...lol