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for all the leo on july

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Posted: July 22, 2008, 7:01 pm - IP Logged

                          JULY 22 TO AUGUST 21

                                 LEO THE LION

                                 RULED BY THE SUN

if you were born between july and august 23 ,the sign leo rules this period and makes for kind of sympathetic nature . you are fairminded and honest , a period of great activity is indicated , any new ventures in business which require aggressive measures to put them over or occupations where a great deal of energy is necessary ,will meet with success. your career will be varied when it comes to finances . at times you will be riding in glory and then again your financial troubles will cause you great anxiety , heavy financial responsibilitis may come your way , however you will be quite capable of taking care of them . you are fond of pleasure , a great lover and expect much love in return, you best results will be obtained in music or on the stage. your limitations are controlled by the sign of cancer and ruled by the moon . this indicates that your greatest limitiations in life will be your impatience and restlessness as well as nervousness and instability . you have a magnetic personality . your most favorable months are januay and october . symbol - the lion

favorable day - saturday

your star - the sun

flower - gardenia

your color- gold

state lottery - 153*532 *996

four digit - 0223*8113

favorable days - 9-11-14-16-18

favorable digit -510*176*906*470*148

good luck dreams do come true