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Posted: August 4, 2008, 9:29 am - IP Logged

I can't remember all, so I'll post what I can.  I dreamt that I and a friend of mine (don't remember who) were on the top floor of the Atlantis hotel on Paradise island.  We are at the fashion counter and we were trying on various shades of lip gloss.  It was announced that it was closing time and we started to leave when i noticed that I had accidentally took one of the lip gloss without paying for it.  I told my friend to go ahead and I will catch up with her.  when I got back to the place where the fashion counter was, they had already closed it off with a light blue colored box, so I threw the lip gloss next to the box so the person who open the place in the morning would find it and put it back.  All the lights went off and so I started to run towards the exit.  When I got to the stairs the arrows pointing the way out were lit green, and I saw a bird fly in my direction.  I screamed and duck and ran down the stairs, then I saw 3 cats running in my direction up the stairs, and thought to myself that sol kerzner has alot of cats running about in his place.  The arrows led me out but they were pointed directly to the back of a man by the name of Malachi Knowles.  When I got outside, I realized that I was actually on a cruise ship and it was getting ready to leave.  I woke up then.

When I dozed back off, I remember that I was in stella maris and that zellamae wanted me to fold up some clothes for her.  I told her that i would do it, but I had to dash home first, she said that when she comes back that she will show me how she wanted me to fold them.  when i got back, it was like her house was in a row of houses with her own coming out more to the front closer to the road than the others.  i was told that she may be a while before she got back because she had gotten word that her sister Inell, had a slight stroke pass over her.  People who were in the house that i can remember were Zel's husband Gabor, Agatha, Melissa, Presley, Sue, and Joyce.

Any help will be appreciated.


PS.  I have been trying to post for a long time and notice that when I hit post or reply to post, I keep getting an error message.  several of my Long Island friends has also had this problem, eg. baleslady & Longislndchinese.  what is the reason for this.  I am quite surprised that I was able to post this morning and hope that if there indeed was a problem that prevented us from posting on this site, that it has been corrected.  thanks.

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    Posted: August 6, 2008, 11:29 am - IP Logged

    hotel (NC 198)(Fl 9828)




    box 0228 (NY 695) (ILL 779 862)




    blue (Ny 532)(Fl 253)




    green (SC 359)(NY 6158)




    bird 121 181 1212 (Oh 407)




    cat/kitten 203 442 221 865 (Wi 114)




    ships 028 361 (NY 369)




    house 805 *421 310(ILL 618 980 882)(Fla 882 310)(NY 604)




    sister 226 225 285 (NY 158) ( Fla,ILL Tx 662)




    death 084 209 125 697 771 (NY 697 3010)(Fla 413 710)


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