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Jump In PA Scratch Payouts

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Posted: August 5, 2008, 10:09 pm - IP Logged

Quinto isn't the only big change in the PA Lottery. I've done some calculations, and the latest batch of games have higher than usual payout percentages, $1 tickets getting a big boost, the other price points recieving modest increases as well.

  • $1 tickets now pay out 65% of sales, up from 58%.
  • $2 tickets now pay out 66% of sales, up from 64%.
  • $3 tickets now pay out 68% of sales, up from 65%.
  • $5 tickets now pay out 71% of sales, up from 70%.
  • $10 tickets now pay out 75% of sales, up from between 70% and 73%.
  • Any new payouts for $20 tickets have yet to be determined.

Of course higher payouts mean that you'll win bigger amounts more often. So this is great news for PA lottery players.

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