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Computer Generated Pick3 States using PI as an indicator?

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Posted: August 18, 2008, 12:43 am - IP Logged

Just a food for thought and may be someone might want to write an algorithm to implement the idea!


Since those States who is using random generators to select their pick3 number; what if we using data base of PI say to 100,000 decimal places and do the following?

Using past 2 draws (said A = earlier and B = current), where screen the data base of all three digits (boxed) for a match of Draw A then screen for the next three digits for a pair match (3 possible different sorted pairs from 3 digits) of Draw B.

If a pair match out of second set of 3 digits then we take the third set of subsequent 3 digits and form a database for tabulation of weighted average of all 55 possible pairs.

Therefore we might see a trend of prevailing pairs that might be HOT ...