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Gap Strategy - TX P3D 1004

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Posted: October 4, 2008, 1:04 pm - IP Logged

Gap Strategy - TX P3D 1004
(By request)

(Suggest data be transferred to graph paper for better alignment)

Workout: GNR V1 (Gaps, no repeats, Version 1 - left to right)
Last Before/After Triple: BAA

(Fixed PIDs): F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
Gap #s:        5  3  0  6  2  4  8  9  1  7
Hot PIDs:      F5 F4 F2 L3 L4 L2 L5 F1 F3 L1
(Fixed AIDs): 1A 2A 3A 4B 5B 6B 7C 8C 9C 10R

(Before/After Triples (From B/A Triple charts)
(Last B/A triple is BAA. Next triple must begin with AA)
(Choose 5 for 5 of 10 numbers to build 10 sets of numbers to play)

-AAA38 -ABR12 -BCR6  -CBR12 -BAR12
-AAC31 -ABB44 -BCC37 -CBC37 +BAC42
+AAB40 +ABC47 -BCB38 -CBB39 -BAB36
-AAR7  -ABA28 +BCB39 +CBA40 -BAA39

(+ are my choices)
(I chose AAB40 in the initial array, therefore, next triple must begin with AB - ETC)
(I usually choose triples that have come up the most, an indicated in the B/A triple inventories)
(I'm developing other data streams to aid the guesswork, but they aren't mature enough to be useful at this point.)

Number Generation Array

(The array is composed by taking the last letter of the B/A triples chosen. The first is +AAB40, therefore,
the first letter in the number generation array is 'B'.


(The next step is to find a Gap Number for each letter. There can be NO repeats. In this case, there are
two Bs, thus, 2 different B numbers must be determined. Also, 2 C numbers.

(The Gap numbers are in three sub-arrays keyed to 10 Hot AlphaIdentifierS.

(See basic explanation for Gap Strategy to learn how the fixed and hot PIDs and AIDs are generated)

1A 93 F5 40 2 11 - (Refer to Fixed PID line above, 1A = F5, 2A = F4, 3A = F2)
2A 80 F4 49 6 12 -
3A 73 F2 42 3 20 -

(Hot AID #, number of times, Hot PID, number of times, Gap Number, number of times in last Round, number of times current round)

4B 68 L3 42 9 18 1
5B 99 L4 36 1  8 1
6B 99 L2 47 8 10 2

7C 77 L5 28 7 26 1
8C 97 F1 41 5 17 -
9C 85 F3 47 0  9 4

10R 93 L1 45 4 12 1

(According to the NGR (BCBAC) I need to chose one A: My choice is 2A.
(Two Bs, my choices are 5B & 6B. Two Cs, my choices are 8C and 9C.
(I use the inventory totals, 'Dot charts' depicting the progress of the AID #s over time, number of occurrences
during last and current Rounds, intuition, gut feelings and any other data available to aid the guesswork.)

Expanded NGA:

HAIDS:  5  8  6  2  9
NGA:    B  C  B  A  C
Gap #s: 1  5  8  6  0

Lottery number generation:

Lottery number Stream:  6  8  9  3  1  5  0  7  2 4
(The count is from left to right. Therefore, G1=6, G5=1, G8=7, G6=5, G0=4)

HAIDS:  5 8 6 2 9
NGA:     B C B A C
Gap#s: 1 5 8 6 0
L#s:     6 1 7 5 4

Lottery numbers to play:   61754
Using the ABCDE wheel:    ABCDE

Play the following:

ABC 617
ABD 615
ABE 614
ACD 675
ACE 674
ADE 654
BCD 175
BCE 174
BDE 154
CDE 754

I don't think there are any mistakes, but, I usually make at least one!!

(PID and AID data streams are VERY important. Please read the basic instructions.)

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    San Angelo, Texas
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    January 31, 2003
    1643 Posts
    Posted: October 4, 2008, 1:42 pm - IP Logged

    Results and comments

    The winning combination is 375.

    I had the 7 and 5, but missed the 3.

    A Before/After triple ending with 'R' would have generated Gap #4, which, in turn, would have
    generated the required Lottery number 3, and a win, provided I didn't eliminate gap numbers 8 and 6.

    Seems like a lot of work, but, believe me or not, this strategy  has produced several Straight and numerous Box hits
    over the past several weeks.

    The GNR workout I'm using is based on combination Day and Night drawings.
    I have other workouts based soley on Day only and Night only lottery number streams.

    I also have workouts based solely on lottery numbers. That is, gaps are a factor but are not used directly to generate
    lottery numbers to play.

    If this stragegy is used for, say Cash 5, there would be 4 Number Generation Arrays, one for each number group.

    Thanks for your interest, and Good Luck.