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Dream of Murder, Rape and Deceit

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Posted: October 18, 2008, 6:06 pm - IP Logged

I think that this was the craziest dream ever and boy did it scare me. I saw a fox chasing a racoon and the racoon chasing a mouse. Then I threw up the racoon and still had the fox skeleton hanging out my mouth. After that I was trying 2 get 2 the hospital. My sister was trying to get herself 2gether 2 take me but her daughter had her car. When she did get a vehichle it ended up being a burgandy chevy trailblazer. 2 black men took me out and took me back n the house 2 proceed 2 take-over her house and rape me. My chest was hurting real bad and I could barely breath but I found the strength to run out the house and get help. It was a car in the street with what I thought 2 b a white man, I jumped n and showed him the skeleton hanging from my mouth trying 2 get him 2 take me 2 the hospital instead he looked like he was an alien and pointed a gun in my face and asked if I wanted 2 die. Then as he got ready 2 drive off a black lady came out and shot him in the head and threw him out of the car by this time I got out and started 2 run then she asked me if I wanted her 2 take me. As I got back in the car I saw a prostitute crossing the street where a little old lady was crossing w/a shopping cart.


Raccoon-222-722-621-215        2 C Murder-451-315-423

Fox-871-172                              Escape death-281-381

Rat, Mouse-123-124-510-512-376-326               

Prostitute-331-613                    Skeleton-206-160-985-174

Whore-763-198                         Dead-769-286

White Man-531-134                   Bone-110-112-270-302

Black Man-369-496                    Killing-191-183

Black Woman-531-134


Old Lady-527-672

Yvonne (my sister name) 195-950-140-504


I don't know much about dreams but in my dream books most of what I dreamed about had bad omens behind them and no sooner than I began 2 post this my sister who lives 45 min away phoned and told me that my cousin had been stabbed n the head and side and that another cousin/adopted daughter was n jail 4 shoplifting. Mind u not my 2yr old was sleep on the couch we me w/the blanket over her head and when I pulled it back she was drenched n sweat I don't even want 2 think about what would have happened if I didn't wake up any sooner.

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