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Introduction to the Lottery Results Gadget Forum

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Posted: October 20, 2008, 11:07 am - IP Logged

If you arrived here by clicking the Discussion Forum link in the Lottery Results Gadget for Windows, welcome to the Lottery Post discussion forums!

This discussion forum for the Lottery Results Gadget is one of more than a dozen different lottery-related forums, each covering a specific aspect of the lottery.

(All of the other forums are available by hovering your mouse over the Forums menu item at the top, or by clicking Forums on the left side of the page.)

This particular forum (Lottery Results Gadget Forum) is for discussing the use of the gadget, sharing tips, asking questions, and any other topics related to the Lottery Results Gadget.

To post new topics and replies to the forum, you first need to register for a free Lottery Post membership, something that will only take a minute and does not require you to divulge personal information.

First go to the Registration page and enter a Username (handle) you want to be known as, your e-mail address where we can send the activation e-mail, a password of your choosing, and verify that we correctly identified your country.

After you register, we immediately send you an activation e-mail containing a validation link.  When you click that link, you are letting our system know that you were able to receive the e-mail, and then you're ready to post to the forums!

Where to go for help

The main places for help with using Lottery Post are:

  • The Help Forum, which contains several articles listed by subject area.
  • The Contact Us page, which has a unique and simple self-guided navigation that can immediately solve 95% of the questions we are asked.
  • For the Lottery Results Gadget, help can be found in the Lottery Results Gadget Guide.
  • Or post to this forum!

A wealth of information for lottery players

We invite you to explore the vast information and resources available at Lottery Post.  There is no other place on the Web containing as much information for lottery players as you'll find here.

Take your time looking through the menu options available at the top of the page (the blue menu bar), as well as the links available along the left side of the page.

Before posting questions to the forums, it's always a good idea to try the Search page to see if the subject has been discussed previously.  Enter search terms just like you would on Google or any other search engine.  Be sure to adjust the forum and date range you wish to search.


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