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a dream that i had this morning so i need help

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Posted: November 11, 2008, 9:32 am - IP Logged

dreamt that i was holding a baby in my arms went out side and saw a big white but i mean real white looks like a bull or cow but it had horns iy saw me that came after me and i ran with the baby .

next dream was i was in my room sleeping and one of the window class come off but it didnt brake what took it off the window was the stamp of a real big three but at the same time there was a man and a womam standing in my room and they were helping me clean the room so one of my family member came in my room because they hurt some brake but the man and woman was cleaning it up so i told my family member it ok they are cleaning it and she who i said them the man and woman but she could not see anyone there and said can you see them and she no there is no body there that meant that i was the only one that could see them they came thur  the window i think maybe it was my guardian angels  or my archangel st. so what do you say

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