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dream on powerball night

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Posted: November 19, 2008, 9:30 pm - IP Logged

I woke up from this very busy dream at 8:30pm


The mood of the day is a feeling of a gathering of people ( as in a funeral but not). On that morning I find myself in my grandmother's kitchen ( she's deceased -707 house #) and there was an uncooked ham on the kitchen table along with sweet potatoes prepared for yams in a dish ready to be cooked. I looked in the fridge and saw no place to put the food. I was getting flustered because I didn't know where to put the food. My aunt(alive-0424) solved the problem by removing  two cooked  hams to prepare for slicing to carry to the church. We put the uncooked one in the fridge to be cooked later. The yams went into the oven. There was a woman standing nearby nodding her head in approval and she smiled.(deceased-birthdate 0701).  I remembered the hams tasted salty.

scene change: arriving to the church people are eating already like at a cookout.  I can see my niece (bd-0505) sitting down to a table and already eating she had on a white suit. Later as I was leaving the church by limosine I saw a friend I hadn't seen since middle school. Her name was Mele. The limo slowed and I rolled down the window and we talked for a moment...hugged and she left.

scen change:  I was walking across the lawn to the house and a chilhood friend had two small dogs on a leash. She handed a leash to me because the youngest dog was about to get tangled up. We laughed talked a bit and she continued to walk the dogs.(bd0710)

scene change: It was late evening and I was carrying a uncle into the house via the back door. He was like anxious to be leaving,because he doesn't like crowds. He was in a hurry because there were two moons in the sky. One was full and the other one was a crescent,but the crescent was on it's back like in an eclipse. I could hear him asking some woman to marry him  she said yes and when I turned around she was sitting in front of him his head was leaned on her shoulder and they both turned into canines. They run off into some woods that were out back.

Somebody said ....what is he going to do with the house. Somebody replied.....Lee ain't going to do nothing but sell it anyway.


Alright now before u think me insane.....the TV was on so it may have influenced some parts of this dream. YOU THINK.

But the people in the dream I remember crystal clearly. Somebody interpret this for me.


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