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need a help for random formula for kidmath

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Posted: November 21, 2008, 9:51 am - IP Logged

hi there excelsior.

does anyone knew a formula to generate random formula because i need a help to make a spreasheet

for my little rascal niece

addition, it little bit easy to generate random formula, thank to Dough for =INDEX($A$9:$A$13;INT(RAND()*5)+1;1)

subtraction, little bit hard using random formula because at some point it generate minus result while i like to have positive results

multiplication, it similar with addition so it must be little bit easy although it will

division, i think it similar with subtraction problems i like to have round number

here are some sample

start: ________  finish:  ________  name: ________ class:  ________ 


 71+ 80+ 95+ 64+ 80+ 63+ 75+ 91+
 98+ 93+ 56+ 91+ 89+ 63+ 97+ 97+

a sample of kidmath only addition DOWNLOAD LINK


thank for any helps and info

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