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Finally Pick 3 Technique!! next week! numbers Must Read old post: *Pick 3 Technic*

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Posted: December 1, 2008, 3:22 am - IP Logged

It isn't hard to make up a list of 24 Pick-3 numbers that will get at least 30+ hits nationwide with an average of 5 straight hits among them over the next seven days.

What I used to do was take the all different box numbers with the most hits from the week before, lock them and build a 2if2 (timed random search 1 sec optimized) wheel around them in CoverMaster. 

My goal was 24 numbers, so the number of hot numbers would vary, add some lose some until I got the wheel to 24 numbers to play.  The wheel can be made in only 17 numbers, but works better built around the hot numbers. 

Remember a 2if2 wheel already has two of the three digits multiple times, so when all different is drawn there is a 1in8 chance of each winning pair connecting with the third winning digit.

Numbers that won last week often turn up in the next week's draws in other states.