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dream help please

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March 17, 2008
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Posted: December 4, 2008, 9:19 pm - IP Logged

dreamt that i had divorce my current husband, and I got married to someone else, who is/or used to be very popular.  I dreamt that he had donated some money to some charity in the Bahamas, and I remember seeing Clement T. Maynard in my dream, because we had a charity ball at our house and that is where we were going to present the check.  I remember the number 75 because he had donated 7million and added $75.00 to outbid the person closest to him.

At the function my new husband and I wore gold with black assessories.  My dress was made from real gold and I remember Sharline, Petra and another girl who I didn't know were in my bedroom as I got ready to go down to the ball.  my shoe heel got caught in my dress and started to snag it, but I was able to free it without it being noticeable.

I remember my new husband and I posing for pictures and somehow during the night we got seperated and i decided to go and look for him.  I searched, and my house was huge I didn't even go through the whole house in my dream, because it was so large and I remember that i had the contractors build me a secret room where I could go to that even my husband didn't know about.  When I found my husband he was dancing with this lady guest of ours and instead of the gold suit that he was supposed to be wearing, he was dressed in a pure white suit with a emerald green shirt.  I just looked at him and when we made eye contact, I walked off.  went upstairs to my secret room and hid from him while he looked all over for me.  I watched him from my room looking for me and he couldn't find me even though he was right outside of my secret room.  At this point I woke up. 

Can anyone help me with some numbers or the meaning please?

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