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Generator for Full Wheels - Software Inside

Topic closed. 16 replies. Last post 8 years ago by Stew12.

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May 4, 2004
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Posted: December 23, 2008, 2:21 pm - IP Logged

Can't see the images!  :(


You, of course, have to wait until the page-thread and the images on it are fully loaded, most often the page load first and then a little at a time the images will load untill everything is loaded.

The images take longer in great part because they are posted at other sites and then they are hot-linked to the particular post here at LP, also because they are media and like video takes longer for them to appear.

But you should not have to wait too much as they are small images, maybe a minute or 3 at most.

It is only 3 small images and not an images of the programs, but only of small parts of them.

If your Pc is running too much stuff already, then it takes even longer for the page and pictures to appear, connection speed also has a lot to do with it.


One more thing, if your browser is set to allow only SERVER images then only images hosted here at LP will show and Hot-Linked images from other sites such as these won't show.

Most browsers are set to accept all images, not just server images, but there might be add-ons or other options that allow a person to reject images that don't come from the page that the browser is at.


In most cases, you just have to wait for the page and then the images to fully load onto the page.


In threads that are very very long it takes a while for a lot of the page to load, not to mention theimages on the page and posts, but here that is not the case as it still is a very short thread.


If you are using FireFox on Tools-Options-Content check on the Load Images Automatically box.

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    Posted: December 23, 2008, 3:11 pm - IP Logged

    My PC is a dual 2.33 ghz, 4 GB Ram machine with a 1 gigabit internet connection, so most likely it's firewall restrictions at work :) I'll check em when I get home if they're loading for everyone else.