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December 17, 2008
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Posted: December 22, 2008, 8:33 am - IP Logged

Good morning everyone

Last night i dreamt that my deceased father who was 67 when he died sent me next door to my deceased aunt's house. Her grandson Barry was there he is 36 and she told me the number 14 Ingrid who is 41 came and asked if i was playing numbers i said no i sick. i remember being in my night dress. Can you give me some numbers and meanings please.

Another dream

I dreamt that my husband who is 50 and i was in Nassau and he said he could not find the place so i took him by the shore where there was lots of rocks.  The rocks turned out to be rough muddy water. My brother was there he is 53, but when i was looking for my sister Cynthia i could not find her in the muddy water. After awhile i seen her legs only. also in the same dream my sister's grandaughter Savnnah who is 2 was eating two pieces of rocks. Two trailers sister in law and bicycle sister in law is 53 her name is Kathy. Can you give me some numbers and meanings please. Thank you.

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    Posted: December 22, 2008, 12:10 pm - IP Logged

    deceased 832 771 (ILL 717)


    as they fell in the past, Ga first. 1=0, 0=1

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