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Using Quick Picks as Clues ... NC/SC Observations

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Posted: January 22, 2009, 1:35 am - IP Logged

QPs…A Clue for Damaging NCEL and SCEL

Examples  Using QPs from Favor4’s Posting on 16 January Eve for NC Pick 3

qp(s):  914 395  442 585  873 401 596



QP      Mirror  Total   M/T

QP      Mirror  Total   M/T

QP      Mirror  Total   M/T

NC Actual Draw/Hits


Set A


247 792 752 207

914  469 086531

681 136 318 863


086 Box hit-Draw#2


Set C


775 220  224 779

442997 557  002

119 664 880 335


This set looked promising with its 4 sets of complementary #s, but  proved to be a dud with no hits in 4 draws.


Set E


106  651 893 348

873 328 126 671

540 095 459 904


671 Box hit-Draw#4

1/16 E-Draw 0=248

1/17 M-Draw 1=455

1/17E Draw  2=680

Sun 1/18-Draw  3=019


1/19 MD-Draw  4=167

1/19  Eve-Draw  5=319

1/20 MD-Draw  6=251

1/20  Eve-Draw  7=320

1/21 M-Draw  8=605

Set B


628 173 371 826

395 840  604 159

062 517  937 482


482 Box Hit Draw 0

These are the types of sets I look for in the QP workout, and play only those #s with complementary pairs, as highlighted in yellow and blue.


Set D


818 363 181 636

585 030  414 969

252 707  747 292

Set F


734 289  265 710

401 956  598 043

178 623  821 376

Set G


829 374  170 625

596 041  403 958

263 718  736 281



Apologies in advance for any addition  errors.

Need  a spreadsheet…any takers?

Here’s therules, explanations and how to find the clues in your QPs. Each QP is turned into four columns in three rows:

Column 1=Original QP #

Column2=Mirror of QP #

Column3=Total of Original QP# (i.e. substract it from 999)

Column4=Mirror of the total in Column 3

The 12combos created for each QP will be called a set for purposes of thisdemonstration.

1. You start off with the original QP #.

2. Then you add 3 to each of the digits and place it on top of the original #.

3. Then you substract 3 from each of the original QP digits and place it beneath original QP number.

4. Be sure to use lotto math with your additions and substractions (so no carrying over digits).



Adding 3 toeach digit:                  012

Original QP:                                789

Substracting3 from each:             456

5. Then you create your four columns for each #.

012 and its mirror (M) and its total (T) and its mirror of the total (MT):

QP    M      T     MT

012  567  987  432

6. Do the same for the remaining numbers: 789 and the 456

012  567  987  432

789 234  210  765

456  901  543 098

So that is myworkout for the QP which I spun after nfinity78  posted a QP workout on the NC forum. Perhaps the method I'm showing in this post is already posted somewhere else on Lottery Post. I do notknow. So please forgive me if it is.

When thereare two of the same numbers in a set, or their complements, I used to get excited because those numbers would fall within the next 0 to four draws, using just those combos. For example, in the above, I would have played: 567, 765, 012, 210, 987, 789.

Now, the above statement did not hold true in Favor4’s QP sets above. Set C which should have gotten a hit, did not, but if you take a look at the 775 sitting on top of the 442 in that set, you can see a connection showing the 455 draw/hit.The 224 sitting on top of the 557 yields the complement 445 combo. So you just need tobe observant and play around with your QP numbers until you start to see some patterns.

And I think there is some variation in the QPs from week to week because last week it looked liked most of the hits were coming from Column #1 and Column #3 (in the above example, that would mean I would only have to play the 012, 789, 456 and 987,210, and 543). But the pattern of Favors' Pick 3 shows two hits from the mirror of the total (column 4) and one from the total (column3) in Set A.

So -- to answer hotmama posted yesterday in the NC forum -- I have concluded that Pick 3 QPs can provide a clue for upcoming draws, and if your other workouts indicate a number is due to come out, you can play it with more confidence if you have seen the number also in your QP workout set for at least two times.

However, I have to say that if I can not see the same number in a set more than once, or its complement (244, 422), I will generally not play any numbers from that set.

Of course the challenge to the person who buys more than one QP is figuring out which set to play or which numbers from the set to play, and for how long.

While I know some may say it is not worth all the effort to find the hit using this QP method, still for me this is an easy method because I usually do the mirrors and totals and the mirror of the total on all my workout’s previous draw numbers anyway.  It's only four combos. Doing this helps me see the relationship that the previous draw has to the upcoming draw. Before learning about mirrors and totals and mirrors of the total, I used to think numbers could come out of nowhere. Now I can see that they almost always come out of those three variables (with the plus or minus included as well), with the final results contained within them or only + or – 3 digits away.

Hey that’s my take on QPs, for what it is worth.

For SC Pick 4:

I am doing some limited testing on the Pick 4 in SC. The first QP I bought was 9499 in the evening, and that led me to believe a two digit # could come out the next day.So I did the QP workout as shown above, not knowing what the rules for SC were, and played a lot of two digit number combos for the following draw. These combos came from another workout I do for Pick 4. You can see the post here, if interested:


The result was that I did not get a hit, but a two digit number did fall the next day. It was 6662. And these are the kinds of QP clues I like to get --for a $600 payout on a .50 cents box play. (BTW, my sister did hit the 6662 box that day, using a personal two digit number which was not in my QP workout. It was the first time she played her phone number, thanks to the QP clue.)

Also, on Saturday Eve, I got a qp for 8771. That number fell the next draw as 7178. From the limited number of qps I have gotten for the pick 4 in SC, it does seem like one would have to do more than just have four columns to find the hit. The numbers have to be further manipulated, but it may be worth it for pick 4 which is so elusive.

Ok—time to shut it down. Just wanted to pass on these QP observations before I abandon shop for awhile. Hope it helps those who wanted more info on the test.

If you have a QP method, feel free to share your observations, and maybe together we can do some damage to the folks at Nickel and Sickle.

It would also be great if someone started a thread where people posted QP numbers forSC/NC, especially for Pick 4. Might be worth it to see what else we can come up with.

(PS--Don't know if I should have posted this in systems forum or not, but I know Todd will move it if need be)Smile


ps2--tried to clean this up, but whenever I edit, new words join together. so hope this is readable.

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    Posted: January 22, 2009, 8:52 am - IP Logged

    Great stuff!!

    If you need a free spreadsheet program (I think you mentioned you did), there is a good free set of software called "Open Office":  http://www.openoffice.org/

    I don't use it myself, but I have heard good things about it.  Free spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, graphics, and databases.  Definitely worth a shot!


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      Posted: January 22, 2009, 11:45 am - IP Logged

      Hey Todd,

      Glad you enjoyed the information.

      Thanks for the info on the free spreadsheet. I have Excel as well as Open Office on my computer. What I need is someone who can work a spreadsheet, i.e. put the formula in so that it spits out the numbers. That's what would be extremely helpful.

      Once again thanks for all you do for us here at LP!

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