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California Scratchers

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Posted: February 8, 2009, 4:36 pm - IP Logged

From the California Lottery site
> > After game start, some prizes, including top prizes, may have been claimed.
> Is there any way to find out if all the top prizes for a particular
> scratcher game have been won?


Let me tell you a little "trick" about state lottery web
sites.  There is information they can't hide, but would
rather you not know about or at least don't want to shove
in the face of every visitor.

What they do is "hide" the information several levels
down within the site accessible only through the site

Now with the California Lottery site, scroll down to the
bottom of the page and click on [Site Map] you will get
a new page with a short list of topics with either [.]
or [+] the [.] means there is no choices besides clicking
on the link following the [.] and note the links are not
highlighted or a different color to indicate these are
links.  Hidden in plain site.

Now click on the [+] before Games, the + will change to
a [-] and a whole menu of [+] items will open. 

Now click on the [+] before [Scratchers Home] and a menu
of both [+] and [.] items will open. 

Now click on [.] Available Top Prizes not the [.] but the
words [Available Top Prizes] and you are taken to the page
listing the Scratch Off games and what prizes are still
available, though this is a result of prizes cashed in. 
There still might be prizes won but not yet claimed.

The Florida Lottery hides extended past draw results in
the site map, no other path to it.