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Weather Piks

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Posted: March 1, 2009, 1:03 pm - IP Logged

Hello all,

Hope everyone is doing well and that you all are having a good weekend.  We're hanging on this end...  My laptop is on the blink right now, so I have to get out when I can and use my son's computer...  While I have a chance, I wanted to mention that since the talk around these parts seem to be about the weather, here are some digits that I found in my books: 

Snow:  261, 256 (Kansas City Kitty); 465, 157, 336, 102 (AeroDream Book); 353, 333 (Three Wisemen)

Ice:  249, 140 (Kansas City Kitty); 312, 222, 167, 903 (AeroDream Book); 004, 401 (Three Wisemen)

Thunder:  227, 732 (Three Wisemen); 123, 128, 518, 547 (AeroDream Book); 636, 031 (Kansas City Kitty)

These digits may be something to look at if they show up in your workouts.  I went out earlier to get my coffee and play my numbers, so I doubt if I'll be going out again for the rest of the day.  My car is MARTA and even if I had one, I wouldn't be driving today...  The snow is coming down pretty heavy over in the 'hood where I am and it looks like it's starting to stick to the street itself, so to all my GA and TN folk, be very careful when out and about (especially when the temperature falls some more and the roads start to ice over)...  It's my understanding that the temperature will be in the low 30s by 3pm today.  So, when it drops below 32, whatever is left on the ground will freeze and anything still coming down will add to it, making driving a little tricky...

Ya'll know it's some serious stuff going on anytime they bring Karen Minton or Glenn Burns back to Channel 2 on a Sunday to talk about the weather...  I was tripping when I woke up and saw Karen talking this morning, so maybe I'll hit the number today just because I don't ever remember seeing either one of them on TV on a SUNDAY...  :-)  Take care and as always, I hope the picks do something for somebody somewhere...

Sista Dee  Big Smile