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LP own RNG Lottery with different matrices as simulations: Just an idea..

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: March 8, 2009, 3:02 am - IP Logged

I notice that a lot of LP players like to make predictions...I sometimes think that why not an LP RNG functioning as a Lottery with many matrices for those that never get tired of making predictions, with a daily winners....I think this will sharpen some of LP players skills even more...Like how they say the more practice the better...And this way LP players can test their theories on a small or bigger scale....Sometimes you can't necessarily test your systems on the actual lottery because you don't know if anyone is playing them, people may not be able to afford it, and there is always the 50 maximum constraint which i think is sometimes kind of small...

But this RNG will play every night at 12pm or 10 pm and evening at 5 pm...

I say this will cause members to stay longer in LP...

You know even the racing cars mottor speedways have test time and tracks...Even Forex and stock market softwares have built on them a twin RNG to simulate conditions in the stock market...How you think people trading get good at? practice..

Think of this as an LP simulation...And not only that but players can simulate with tickets costing 25 cents to 1 dollars or 2 dollars or 3 dollars, you know to get themselves ready for anything that may come their way in the future...The fact is that 20 years from now i really don't know if the lottery is going to remain the same, i am sure lots of matrices will change, i think...

i notice something about LP players they are good at some games but the games that ask for a bonus balls they are not very good at it, perhaps they could practice with the simulations...

and if you like with a forum just for it and you can call it the "Simulations" forum....

if you don't think is a good idea don't worry Todd it was just an idea...

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