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am going to put to test all these crazy ideas of attraction to put them to rest once and for all

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Posted: March 27, 2009, 9:59 pm - IP Logged

these ideas have many names

but must just call it or think of it as..........


law of attraction belief and all their subset beliefs

holographic universe belief

your some god playing as a human belief

you have magic powers you can use via mind/thoughts to control "your reality"

Quantum Physics expoited  whatever it name

i notice all these wacko's are  growing in numbers of humans are thinking somehow their"MIND/SPIRIT/whatever power they think is in them" can give them stuff

i just looked on at in shock at how stupid massive amounts of these people are

 i have been studying their set of beliefs very much

they have many errors

they all say your in charge of your life, you have total control

yet they let the govt and other people tell them how to live life!

not one of these people say to the govt, am in charge, i tell you if you can take my money or not

get lost govt/everyone

am in charge,

you nor any other human alive gots no right to tell me what to do,

i AM alone in total  control of my life!


 they say they are in total control what happens to him in life!

yet dont live by their own teachings!!

i tryed calling them out, but they refuse to give me any logic to their bull<snip>

why they say one thing, yet do the other


so am going to do what these nutcases thinks works and put to rest this set of beliefs to prove it is hugwash


for the next 1 month" my vacation"

starting tonite when i go to sleep


am going to do a 180 degree nutcase turn in my mind

so i will not take orders form anyone

i also will live in my own mind the majority of the time

Live in a state of mind of having whatever i desire

and sense i desire money, it will be winning the pb


for hours and hours ever day, am going to be in a trace like mind setting 

where my Imagination is going to have the hardest task it has ever had

to live in a total diff reailty then this one, and make it as real as i can Experience

to be Experienceing it in my mind, thats right, Experience it in my mind alone, feel the reality of it

and all the feelings a win would give me if i really had it happen!


in short, am going off  the path of comman sense, and right in to crazy  nutcase zone of humans


am going to be in pure Imagination land, so far removed form this one it will be a test of how far can i go down the robot hole in my mind with madness


now i can only foresee 2 outcomes


once i put it to the test of Experience and it works or fails

 in case this reailty we live in obeys my own mind/Experiences  i will be having this next month

then i post the  lotto ticket that won powerball on here and all can see that this <snip> works


or i come back atfer a month, and go , i did everyone perfact, no results, this stuff is hugwash

at worst case my mind got one hell of a workout

best case am a muti-million and can go on the

Oprah Winfrey show and sell some book about how the hell i did it in more details

sense i yet to see one back up their words and win the lotto,

am going to test it

some thank some outside god won the lotto for them, yes their been a few crazys in the past of lotto winners

, yet not one of them said they used ideas of attraction and won the lotto ,

not ONE has lived what they teach and put it to the hardest test we know of, the lotto


the test of 1 in 195,249,054.00 odds vs these beliefs of am in total control of my life is ON,


remb folks, i wont  be here to reply

as i be in my own world of Mental Imagination, so fair removed form this one,

what logic i have left will now be in based in total madness of the mind


i report back apirl 27th if fails,

i post sooner if i win the pb,

as then i have to try telling the lotto  it was some magic.power beyond any power on earths understanding that Made me win, o how forward i look to telling them that ...........


anyway, look forward to it, now am off to madhatters world for the next month, peace out Bed





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