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Powerball's youngest winner buys his way into the wrestling business...

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Posted: March 30, 2009, 4:41 pm - IP Logged

Dunno how many people remember the story from the link below but it looks like he didn't follow through on the business classes, wonder where his aunt is too.


Here's the press release.

Los Angeles, CA-Saturday March 28, 2009

The Executive Producer of the new Jimmy Hart's Wrestlicious TV show creating a huge buzz on the internet, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei93yTpJSj0, 19 year old Jonathan Vargas, is excited about the overwhelming response. Vargas, the youngest Powerball winner ever, won 35.3 million in May 2008, and wasted no time pursuing his dream of being involved the wrestling business. Vargas, who lived in Gaston, South Carolina at when he bought the winning Powerball ticket recently moved to Tampa, Florida to be closer to the Wrestlicious production.

"It definitely always been a dream to be in the wrestling business. I grew up watching Jimmy Hart, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs, and it seems surreal that they are all part of Wrestlicious now. We have assembled some of the best producers and talent in the business, I know in my heart Wrestlicious will be a home run"

Vargas will appear in the show as "JV Rich", the laid back and affable Rapper/Owner of Wrestlicious. Regular features will include "JV's CRIB", a look at the goings-on inside JV's mansion frequented by The Wrestlicious Girls.

"I thought he was very nice, and doesn't seem to be affected at all by his good fortune. He was totally respectful to all the ladies on the set. He seemed to me to be involved in Wrestlicious solely because he genuinely loves wrestling and not as a vehicle to meet young women" said Wrestlicious star Lacey Von Erich.

"Mr. Vargas has been a pleasure to work with since he first expressed his interest in women's wrestling to me last summer" added Wrestlicious Senior Producer and GLOW alumni Johnny Cafarella "He's a very smart young man and surprising business acumen for a guy his age"

With the state of the economy and just the history of companies that solely featured women's wrestling (not to mention all the ones that featured men or both) in the US have all utterly failed and been terrible and having a guy involved in one (or maybe several) of the best known failures and using many of the same gimmicks also, I already know this won't a "home run" plus it's going to be "cheesy" (from what I've seen and read) as if it's something different than the other failures before it, it's also creatively bankrupt. Hope he hasn't invested too much in this because he's going to potentially lose a lot of money.  Gotta love the niceties in that last line about how smart he is, if he was smart he wouldn't invest in something like this, especially at this time. It's great he's apparently doing what he wants to do but he got suckered like a mark if he's really backing this thing. Not to mention that there's no real avenue for revenue since they won't have TV aside from relying on being something on syndication that runs at 2 AM on backwater channels and no one watches.He didn't win 35.3M either since he took the cash option and then had taxes taken out, of course that always is forgotten about. I could pick apart more of the press release and how we'll be seeing a "lottery loser" story on him in a few years if this does cost him a lot but I think I'll stop here but I think someone's let their winnings get in their head.


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    Posted: March 30, 2009, 5:07 pm - IP Logged

    He'll have some fun and provide cheap entertainment to people.

    He'll also employ and provide revenue to many people and small businesses during this venture.

    I'm all for it. Cheers

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