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my dream any help

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Posted: May 6, 2009, 2:48 pm - IP Logged

another dream this one was about me going to a school but there was alots of kids big kids but at the same time it was llike a magic spiritual school  because i was looking for my son cliff then as im walking the hallway i see doors and on one of the door i look throug a class window and i see my son and another boy hanging up side down with a rope tie up on there legs and a man hiting them on they feets and star it to cry saying why are they hiting my son so a lady from the school told me dont cry ill take you to the big man so she took me up the stair and a big man came out he was tall had a white long rope and a white hat on so i told him about my son and he made a sign with his hands to the man that was hiting my son to let my son go then we started to walk and i saw the number 210 and told some ladys that 210 was going to come out ,then i just woke up,do you belive that i remeber all this , and yesthday i dream alots of numbers to like 7281 = 210 = 175 =

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