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All states-- Pick 4

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Posted: May 9, 2009, 2:52 pm - IP Logged

This could be something or could be nothing but as soon as you post it, they never come to pass.  Maybe big brother is watching and changing the outcome..who knows...but I wanted to share anyways.  As with any system or gimmick, nothing is fool proof. Let me know if you have any questions.... These workouts came from NC but backtest in your state and see what happens!

Let's take:

1.  4/18--8056  turn it backwards


winning number is 4/27 is 5609 (you have a boxed hit)


2.  4/19--9256


winning number is 4/24--9625



3.  4/20 didn't get a hit at all as of yet!


4.  4/21-8407  Now this one twisted me up pretty good! I did it two ways: 1st way, was just doing it backwards and the 2nd way, I just changed the 3digit instead of the last digit.



winning number was 5/1--8207


5.  Last one:




actual number was 6925!

(close but no burger).... this led me to re-think it a third way... but you can tweak it your own way to get a hit.  This is a patience is a virtue sort of game.....but the hits are there more or less.

Be kind to a stranger because you never know when you are talking to an angel.Blue Angel



Be kind to a stranger because you never know when you are talking to an angel.Blue Angel