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All States--Pick 3

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Posted: May 9, 2009, 2:54 pm - IP Logged

This could be something or could be nothing but as soon as you post it, they never come to pass.  Maybe big brother is watching and changing the outcome..who knows...but I wanted to share anyways.  As with any system or gimmick, nothing is fool proof. Let me know if you have any questions.... I also did this workout with P4 and posted it on the P4 forum. Here is my P3 test: You can backtest for April and March to see how soon you get the hit...some hit sooner and some wait 5-7 days.some longer but it seems to work..... Here we go: Basically we are turning the winning number backwards and changing the 3rd digit and or the 2nd digit...Remember we are just 9 days into May so you have to backtest to get a feel for it. These numbers are from NC so test your state to see what matches.

5/1 (day)--542



(winning number:  5/8 - 520 (day)

                             5/8 - 522 (night)


5/1 (night)--288  (unpredictable doubles)



(nothing yet but these 8's are definitely coming back)



5/2 (day)--995 (again--unpredictable) (problem with 9's-gotta remember to flip to 6)






5/2 (night)--357



(winning number: 5/3 - 735 (night)

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